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Angle head

ROMAI's angle head enables machining process of various workpiece and process of 5 edge faces. It is actualized reduction of number of set and set up time to improve work efficiency for the customer

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[ROMAI angle head]

It enables machining process for the work piece, needs process of inside diameter. And it is also possible to process 5 edge faces and reduce working process, cost and time.

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Angle head

Angle head

  • Torque support: possible to support for 3 or 4 points or fix those points
  • adjust to standard type machine tool and machining center
  • possible to operate machining process, such as process of inside diameter and other general processes
  • special set up for difficult situations
  • possible to twin or multi spindle
  • possible to adjust axis
  • Helical gear unit with Gleason or Klingenberg type teeth
  • possible to through the inside diameter coolant at the spindle
  • adapt to concavity and convexity work by max 1,000N*m torque
Main use application drill process, screw cutting process, counter sink, reaming, turning, milling process

Malti axial head

Malti axial head

  • possible to use product resource effectively
  • possible to operate the same work as various machining process by using multi spin
  • possible to make simple cycle of feed operation by using multi spin
For the cutting tools multi axis drill process


Speed-up head

  • possible to use cutting materials by high-speed rotation at gentle and quiet rotation of machining tool
  • actualized frequency 40,000min-1 at max ratio 1:10 of planetary gear
  • actualized smooth process by planet wheel
Main use application drill process, milling process, finishing process

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