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Privacy policy

NK WORKS Co., LTd complay the low, which related to protection of personal data and other regulations. We collect the personal data such as name, date of birth, address and that will be included the information, which possible to identify the indivisual, that also included the possibility of identify the individual by refer to other information easily.

Collection of personal data

We may collect the personal data at the situations as below.

  • Order of the products
  • Inquiry
  • Request for the brochures
  • Application for the recruit, volunteer and part time job offering

The aim of using personal data

We will use personal data, which is collected from the customers, for the aims as below with in limit of needs.

  • Confirmation for the order of the products and the delivery
  • To reply for the inquiry and the confirmation
  • To send the information of the products and he service
  • To offer the enhanced service from the confirmation of purchasing record
  • To improve the productds and servece by analyzing
  • To offer the best suited service for the customers

Control and protection of personal data

We are concerned to prevent lost, destruction, falsification, abuseful access and divalgation of personal data, which we collectred from the customers by appropreate control

Desclosure, amendment and elimination of personal data

We are concerned to control personal data in accuracy and updated situation as much as possible. And please contact us to disclose, amend and eliminate personal data as following person in charge. To prvent the divalgation of personal data to the third person, we response for only the case, when we can confirm that requests are from guranty principal of the information

Revision of the protection policy of personal data

We will reexam and revise privacy policy (protection policy of personal data) accordingly. That revised policy will be inserted in this site immediately.

Contact person

Please contact to the person as below about the privacy policy


Person in charge of protection of personal data: Kazunori Samba
Address:2-17-17, Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032, JAPAN