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End mill

End mill

V-tec, produced by Mega Diamond, is the world first end mill with helical lead. That is producing by distinct tecnology as attached PCD to complex flute shape (helical shape) with extremely high pressure and temperature. It is boast phenomenal speed and life time for process of carbon fiber composite and other light metals among them.


・Wide range of use

  • it is possible to process advanced materials, can not be processed by conventional end mills
  • Improvement of tool life (50 times to 500 times longer than normal carbide end mills)
  • it is possible to re-grind for end mill

・Lower cost

  • decrease of the tool change cost
  • decrease of the number of using tools

・Improvement of productivity

  • improvement of machining allowance and decrease of cycle time
  • improvement of work accuracy and keeping the sharp edge and face accuracy
  • possible to realize high emission at low cutting power by helical shape
  • prevent heat generation and set up teeth by low heat conduction and low ablation

The market of V-tec end mill

Aerospace industry, Protection industry, Automotive industry, Electronics, Heavy machinery/ Construction machinery/ Agricultural machinery, Chemical parts, Solar panel, etc.

Processible materials

  • composite materials (advanced materials)
  • aluminum (high silicon)
  • copper
  • MMC
  • ceramic

※other advanced materials, can not be processed by conventional end mills

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